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Discover your true singing voice

Are you a beginner? Then I can help you discover  the voice within you.

Breathing for singing

When singing it is important to focus on the correct way to breathe - it is the foundation for successful voice production, in the same way that it is for playing a wind instrument.

Interpretation of songs

When you are singing it is so important to understand and deliver the  meaning of the poetry and text that you are singing in your unique and special way.

Foreign Languages

I can coach singing in several languages, including French, Italian, German and Russian.

Computer analysis

I use sophisticated modern technology to analyse the voice as you sing so that improvements can be seen on the computer screen and results can be measured. Progress is often accelerated using these methods and tools.


What the students say

‘I have gained a huge amount of confidence from my lessons with Lucas’ - Cait Moss

‘I have been able to even out my voice throughout the range’ - Di Emry


Learn to sing


Learning to sing will help give you confidence in almost everything that you do in life. It is a continual process of expression and self discovery.